Hershey, PA School Guide

Hershey, Pennsylvania is home to many excellent schools that are sure   to suit every educational need your family may have. With numerous   superb public and private schools that work to help students reach their   maximum potential through dedication and embracing their creativity in   the classroom, Hersey is served by the Derry Township School District.   The parents and teachers of Hershey work together to provide the best   possible education for children of all ages and are dedicated to   ensuring that their students are learning in a safe and encouraging   environment. Hersey also offers higher education opportunities for you   to receive the education you deserve. 

Derry Township School District
 The Derry Township School District is an award-winning public   school system that is in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The district serves   approximately 3,500 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade and   the 114-acre campus hosts five school buildings, with exemplary   facilities, curriculum faculty, administrators, co-curricular and   extra-curricular programs. Below you will find a complete list of   schools found in the Hershey area. If you have any further questions or   concerns, please either visit the links provided above or feel free to   contact us or visit the Derry Township School District for more details.

Public Schools

  • Hershey Early Childhood Center
     Grades: Kindergarten - 4 
  • Hershey High School
     Grades: 9 - 12 
  • Hershey Intermediate Elementary School
     Grades: 4 - 5 
  • Hershey Middle School
     Grades: 6 - 12 
  • Hershey Primary Elementary School
     Grades: 2 - 3 
  • South Hanover Elementary School
     Grades: Kindergarten - 5

Private Schools 

  • Hershey Christian Academy
     Grades: Kindergarten - 12 
  • Kindercare
     Grades: Prekindergarten - Kindergarten 
  • Milton Hershey School
     Grades: Prekindergarten - 12 
  • St. Joan of Arc Elementary School
     Grades: Prekindergarten - 8 
  • Tender Years Inc.
     Grades: Prekindergarten - Kindergarten


  • Pennsylvania State University-College of Medicine

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