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Hershey PA, Real EstateHershey, Pennsylvania started out as an expanse of rural countryside that was transformed into a thriving tourist destination by the father of the American chocolate bar, Milton Hershey.
Today Hershey, or “Chocolatetown” as it is commonly referred to, boasts attractions like Hershey Park PA and Musems of arts in Hershey PA as well as renowned medical facilities like the Heshey PA Medical Center and Pinnacle Health Center PA. Together, the various venues and activities draw millions of visitors to the area every year. Hershey PA Hotel - Hershey PA Historcial center even boasts a chocolate spa, with treatments that include the town’s namesake confection.
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Milton Hershey created the town of Hershey in 1903 when he located his chocolate factory in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey envisioned Hershey as a model town with all the amenities needed by a growing workforce. He established schools, a bank, utilities and housing. But he also intended Hershey to be a tourist attraction from the very beginning. Not one to miss an advertising opportunity, Milton Hershey began including promotional postcards in his chocolate bars in 1909 and encouraged business groups hold meetings there and ran special weekend train and trolley vacation getaways.
Parks and Recreation
Hershey Park PA, Real EstateHershey Park PA is one of the main attractions in Hershey. What started out as a natural green space set aside for town residents, quickly evolved to include a dance hall, swimming pool and a variety of amusement rides. Town residents and visitors alike flocked to the park to enjoy the amenities. Today, Hershey Park PA continues to draw visitors, with 65 rides, live entertainment, onsite hotels and restaurants, it’s a favorite with both kids and adults.
For a park with a more naturalistic appeal, consider a visit to the 23-acre Hershey Gardens. In addition to a vast assortment of flowers, bushes and trees, you can also walk amongst a myriad of butterflies in the Butterfly House.
Attractions and Activities
Hershey PA Hotel - Hershey PA Historcial center is one of America’s landmark hotels and is included in the Historic Registry. Completed in 1932, it boasts an impressive collection of historical photos from Hershey’s early days. Its sumptuous interiors and extensive grounds appeal to vacationers looking for an array of recreational activities from golf and hiking to its sumptuous Chocolate Spa.
Musems of arts in Hershey PA is a world-class art museum that regularly brings in visiting shows from around the country. The museum also holds lectures and classes for both kids and adults.
If you are in need of specialized medical care, Hershey has two regional medical facilities: Heshey PA Medical Center and Pinnacle Health Center PA. Together they provide comprehensive care for a wide range of conditions and illnesses.
Hershey, PA has several event venues that offer year round entertainment.
The Giant Center hosts the Hershey Bears hockey team as well as a lineup of entertainment that includes everything from Disney on Ice to WWE Smackdowns.
If you prefer Broadway shows, classical music and dance performances, Hershey Theater fits the bill.
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